When Barbies ATTACK!

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Welcome back to my blog , continuing today is one of my favorite topics to talk about TOYS! Especially the beautiful Mattel Barbie Doll . The first doll was created in 1959 & Debuted at New York Toy Fair. Needles to say it was a SUCCESS! Barbie got her name from the creators Daughter! Her selling price at the time was on $3!!! She old over 350,000 in her first year. But IN MY OPINION , again I state that this is all by opinion , those dolls were not the barbies Im definitely used too. As far as the dolls go , (which ill drop some images down below of the 60's Barbies) These aren't my favorite AT ALL. The dolls look really snooty to me & very high class ? Then again that was the vibe in the 60s , so I guess I could see why she was modeled to look like she's going to tea all the time. Now going 30 years into the Barbie saga we have my absolute favorites! My collection starts somewhere between 1988-2008" as of right now (lol) if I could find a 1971 Malibu Barbie That would really change the game. But my personal favorites started from 1980-2010". Barbie has surely touched base in almost every career & every style you could think of. The possibilities are literally endless. These dolls also hold a crazy value ! I mean CRAZY. Depending on your doll & condition , you might be sitting on a JACKPOT! But to myself I simply collect to hold on to a special time / feeling in my life. I will also drop a picture of my personal collection but only a PREVIEW! the rest is for another day ! Thanks again for reading & joining in on a new post !


                                                Love Giz♥

The First Dolls Made in 1959 

my personal collection - Some not shown here 😝🤭 




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